Does my personality match my hair colour?

Hey everyone

I recently found out about Madison Reed, a hair care company that specializes in hair dye. I wanted to share my view on stereotypes regarding peoples hair. Do blondes have more fun? Are red heads hot headed?
I thought this would be fun to look into and whether or not I live up to the serotype.

First off let me give you a little bit of information, Madison Reed for anyone who hasn't heard of them...They are a company that deal in hair dye and help you to find the perfect shade to suit you with permanent and semi-permanent choices.

This is an old picture of me but shows off my hair colour the most. I have auburn hair with chopper in there so I guess I am classified as a red head however I can look like a brunette as well.
When I colour matched myself to find out which shade I was at Maddison Reed I got genova red - 7NCG. This is an auburn shade with hints of copper and gold, a perfect match for me.

So what are the serotypes that come with hair colour....
  • blondes have more fun, are not that clever and outgoing
  • red heads are feisty and assertive, motivated and impatient
  • brunettes are trustworthy, faithful, calm and lack imagination
  • dark hair (black or very dark brown) are untrustworthy, calm, artistic and suspicious
  • grey and white are skilful, clean, dignified and old
So do I live up to my stereotype? As a red head no I don't think I do, I mean I am motivated but I am not feisty, hot headed or that impatient. However if we take my copper tones and look at brunette than yes that has me written all over it...I wish I was more imaginative.

Lets take some of our favourite celebs and see what we get.

Taylor Swift

Other than being gorgeous Taylor is confident (well she gives that impression), she does seem like a lot of fun, I would love to dance with her at an award show. Finally not that clever.....nope not this one I think Taylor is very smart and knows what she wants in life and where to take her career so that she is happy and successful.

Ed Sheeran

Is Ed hot headed? well I have never seen him like that and I read that he is a generally a nice guy who has his feet on the ground.
I agree that Ed is motivated otherwise he would still be sofa surfing around London with no money.

Helena Bonham-Carter

Lacks imagination? Ms Bonham-carter? I don't think so!!
From what I have seem Helena comes across calm, faithful and trustworthy.

Although I have given my opinion on these celebrities personalities, I don't know them, and can only go by what is shown to the public and this can not always be reliable.

It's always fun to go these little games to see if they match up to what they say. Stereotypes can be right or wrong it's easy to change your hair colour but you can't change who you are.
People shouldn't really be judged on them whether it's their hair colour, beliefs or where they live. Everyone should be given a chance to be themselves :)

So what do you think, does your hair colour match your personality?

Thank you for reading

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