Essentials for summer

Hey everyone,

So in the UK we have been having some lovely weather, blue skies and lots of sunshine and everyone I think is ready for the summer now and is starting to prepare...including me :)

I thought I would share of my essentials that I rely on in the hot weather.

Cooling sprays
I don't like feeling too hot and sticky and I can feel quite faint in the hot weather and not everywhere has fans and air conditioner. Carrying a cooling spray with you allows you to cool down on the go.
There are many different ones out there for you to try that range in price. At the moment I am using magicool that I got for a few pounds in superdrug.

Sun cream
It's important to keep safe in the sun and apply sun cream before going out and reapplying every few hours, if you have been in water you may need to reapply depending on the brand you use. Sun creams range in strength (factor) so make sure you get one that is strong enough for you, the paler your skin the high the factor needed.

Hayfever tablets
Unfortunately it's that time again where my nose runs like crazy and my eyes itch, therefore it is important I take one every morning or I become a moody irritable cow.

No not alcoholic ones although a beer garden is always nice in the sun! Water is the best choice but can be boring so I like the little pots you can get to squirt in to make it into a juice drink, these are perfect for keeping in your bag for on the go.
Try to have a drink every hour when it's hot to stay hydrated and keep those unwanted headaches at bay.

Hair ties and accessories
Having really long hair there is no way I keep leave my hair down in the summer has I will be a sweaty mess and my hair will just cling to me. This can feel so uncomfortable to I always keep my hair up using pretty hair ties to complement my outfit or just so my hair isn't so boring.

Whilst you are taking care of your skin and staying hydrated it is important to protect your eyes also.

What are your essentials?

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