How I clean my makeup brushes

Hey everyone

So I have put off washing my makeup brushes for long enough and they differently need a clean.
It is important to clean makeup brushes frequently as they hold bacteria that you then spread over your face causing blocked pores and blemishes. Also do you want to put stale old makeup on your face and near your eyes?

I would recommend brushes for eye makeup are cleaned after every use and brushes for the face are cleaned every week (2 weeks max).

You don't want to use anything that is too harsh as you want to keep the brushes nice and soft and prevent them from shedding. When you have finished cleaning a brush try to limit the amount of water that comes into contact with the handle as this can cause the glue to become unstuck and break the brush. You can either hang them from a brush rack or what I like to do is roll a towel up to elevate the handle.

It's quite simple really but every effective...
  1. I pour some of the Johnsons shampoo into my palm
  2. I swirl the brush round and massage it in
  3. I swirl it in the water pressing the brush on the side of the bowl until the water is clear
  4. Then I roll up a towel and place them on to dry
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