March/April empties

Hey guys sorry this  is late but here are the products I have recently used up....

Aussie 3 minute miracle shine treatment
I prefer to use deep conditioners / treatments / masks as apposed to regular conditioner so I can keep my hair in the best condition as possible. Aussie has always been a brand I will return too and that I can trust. This has their signature scent to it and I think did improve the shine to my hair. This conditioner made my hair feel soft and smooth also I will be probably repurchase again one I am finished with my current conditioner.

Garnier fresh clarifying wash
This came out like a clear gel but turned into a foams when you massaged it in. To me a face wash is just that something that can wash away all the dirt, oil and impurities so I tend to just get what is on offer at the time. I used this to wash my face off in the morning as I would not use this to take of my make up but as an after step (I use the body shop cleansing balm if I am not using a makeup remover). This ha a pleasant, fresh scent of green tea that helped to wake me up. As someone who suffers from oily skin and breakouts I found this to not irritate my skin and made it feel squeaky clean, ready to apply my makeup. Review here

Nivea extra gentle eye makeup remover
I loved this and got my eye makeup off so quick and effortlessly. I just applied a little to a cotton pad, held it onto my closed eye for a few seconds and wiped everything away. This never stunk my eyes!!
When I have used up the eye makeup removers I already have I will differently to repurchasing this. I am about to start the other Nivea eye makeup remover (the one you shake up) so it will be interesting if that one matches up to this one.

Johnson's baby top-to-toe bath
I have heard mixed opinions about Johnson's products on babies, but as I was kindly gifted some of their products I thought I would give them a go. I found this to be gentle on my daughters skin and hair from the start this could be because there is little fragrance to it, she has not had any sort of reaction to it which is great as my partner and I both suffer from eczema.

Bourjois volumizer mascara
This a two step mascara, step 1 will give you defined volume and step 2 claims to give up to 11x more volume NO CLUMPS GARENTEED.
Well I loved step 1 as it separated my lashes and did give a lot of volume but step 2....step 2 was awful and did give me clumps aaaggghh, whenever I used step 2...I tried to make it work....I always had to take my mascara off and start all over again :(

No7 exceptional definition mascara
This mascara was ok but didn't do much for my lashes. I guess it would be ok for an everyday look when you want to look natural and like your not wearing makeup but I don't see the point as I feel my eyes get hidden behind my glasses so I prefer more of a statement with my mascara.

Woohoo I can now get rid of my rubbish :)
Thanks for popping by

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