May empties

Hey everyone,

  1. No7 beautiful skin cleansing wipes - I know most people shrike at the thought of using makeup wipes but I only use them to take off the first layer of makeup before I cleanse or to refresh myself (especially on sunny days like we have been having). These ones don't feel scratchy on my face and have just enough product in them. I recommend you wait until you have a No7 money off voucher as these are £7.00!!! But with the voucher they go down to £2.00 :). I go back to these time and time again.
  2. Lee Stafford's dry shampoo - I have heard a lot of hype over the Lee Stafford hair care range and I thought I would try some of them out but this dry shampoo made my hair feel so unclean and created a lot of build up, unfortunately I didn't finish it because I just had to move onto a different dry shampoo. On a positive side though it smelt lovely.
  3. Nivea express hydration primer - When I first brought this I thought it was going to be like a moisturising cream, however it is more of a gel consistency and leaves my skin leaving soft and smooth. I like the feel of this under my makeup and did not interfere with my foundation at all. It is a shame that it is in a pot as this is not very hygienic and can lead to breakouts if you are not careful. I didn't notice my makeup lasting longer when using this but my skin felt hydrated for longer
  4. Dove oxygen moisture conditioner - This is still quite new in Doves hair care brand and I love there other products, however this I felt was not as nice. I felt it weighted my hair down a little and I found the smell to be a little off putting, it done the job but I think I will be sticking with the original products next time.
  5. The body shop blueberry shower gel - I really liked this. It smelt sweet and uplifting perfect to wake you up in the early mornings. It loathered up really well and defiantly smelt of blueberries which was delicious. The one thing that annoys me about these bottles is you can't squeeze them much so I can never get the last bit out, and I am too impatient to keep it turned upside down!  
Have you tried any of these products and what are your thoughts?
Thank you for popping by :)

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