REVIEW - The body shop cleansing butter

Hey everyone,

I realised that I haven't done a review in a little while even though I have products I am currently using and planning on reviewing for you.

I use this every evening, I find the scent of it really helps to calm me before I go to bed.
This is a solid butter that you warm up in your hands to turn it into an oil. The oil helps to brake down any dirt or makeup you may have. I know this is a popular product to use to take makeup off that is really effective, but I prefer to use a makeup remover.

If you are worried this will not work for you as you have oily skin then don't worry. I too have oily skin but find this works fine for me. There's a saying that 'oil balances oil' you skin will think it will need to produce less oil.

The way I use it is to get a 10p size and rub it in my hands to warm it up. I then massage it over my face in circular motions (I find for me I can you this on my eyes with no problems). I then get a flannel and some water that is 'hand hot' to polish it off, again in circular motions this then is giving your skin a gentle exfoliation. I am then left with soft, smooth skin...perfect!!
This will defiantly remain as a sable to my skincare routine.

I have been using this for a while now and I am just under half way through so it is differently worth the money.

You can buy it here for £12.00

On the website it claims to be suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.....BONUS.

Have you used this? What do you think?

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