The procrastinating beauty blogger tag

Hey everyone,

I was looking round for a tag to do as I enjoy doing them and thought you might like to get to know me a little bit. I found this tag on the beauty broadcast blog. It's an old tag but I haven't seen it much so here goes....

  • Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
I had to think about this one but I would say hair styling. I wash it and leave it down to dry naturally and put it into a ponytail when it needs washing. If you see me with my hair different to this then I put effort into my look...haha.
I wish I could be more adventures but I am hopeless at hair styles even the 'easy' messy bun.
  • Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?
NO!! I am terrible at remembering to do this, although it is one of the best feelings in the world to use nice clean brushes. Thinking about it I NEED to do this tonight...urgh...does someone want to come and do it for me and I will pay you in hugs and chocolate?
  • How long with you last with chipped nail polish?
I hate my nail polish chipping, if I am out then I will take it off as soon as I get home, if it is a Barry M polish I will peel them off whilst out as these polishes come off easily without nail polish remover. This is why my nail polish never lasts long on me as it has to be perfect (or almost perfect). 
  • How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need to?
Before I had my daughter I always had backups of most things, I would through something out when I needed to and have a new fresh one ready straight away. However I know can't justify buying lots of beauty products that I could spend on her (babies are not cheap!).
  • What is your worst beauty habit?
I don't bite my nails but I am always picking at the skin around them. I tend to pick at the thumbs more especially if I am nervous or anxious, this then leads to sore fingers that look gross.
  • Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Umm...umm...mmm probably putting my clothes away. I can wash them and put them up to dry without a problem, but putting them away...now that just too much effort. The funny thing is, there's not a lot to do but I put it off and off that I end up having loads of clothes to do that I get annoyed I didn't do it sooner so there wasn't so much!
  • When going out somewhere do you put off get ready to the last minute?
It depends if it's meeting a friend for coffee then yes because I don't need to dress up. However if I am doing out for dinner or a few drinks then I normally give myself an hour or an hour and a half (this does not include a shower!).
  • Can you commit to spending bans?
I have never gone on a spending ban because I am always careful about as I worry something will happen and I need emergency money. Since having my daughter...well since finding out I was pregnant all my spare money as gone on things for her and to be honest I don't mind not having the latest launches but on the rare occasion I buy myself something I really appreciate it.  
  • How organised is you makeup and nail polish collection?
I have a very small collection of makeup. I use a small 3 stack drawer (1 for face, 1 for eyes and 1 for lips) I then have a small box for my nail polishes....nice and simple. I haven't gone crazy and organised into product or colour....except for my lip products that I have organised into brands.

Anyone that would like to do this tag...go for it!!!

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