Beauty hacks

Hey everyone,

I love finding new little hacks that make life easier or more convenient, I have been seeing a few here and there recently so I thought I would share them with you guys...I hope you find this helpful.


  1. Use a credit/debit card to get a sharp line for a eyeliner flick
  2. Cover the top part of a eye lash curler (not the part you push up) with eye liner - pencil, then curl your lashes to leave eye liner close to your lashes.
  3. Place some card behind your lashes when you are applying mascara to stop it transferring to you eye lid.
  4. Use white/nude liner to make the white in your eye stand out and make you look more awake...not less hung over.
  5. Use baby powder if your dry shampoo has run out
  6. Adding some moisturiser to a foundation that is slightly too dark can help lighten it up.
  7. Mascara can double up as a liner by dabbing a brush onto the wand.
  8. If you don't have a lot of time makes your eye or lips pop (not both).
  9. When applying concealer under the eyes apply it in a triangle to help it blend into your foundation.
  10. Stop lipstick going onto your teeth by putting a finger in your mouth then pulling it out once your have applied the lipstick

Have you got any useful hacks that I haven't mentioned? I would love to learn some more, please leave them in the comments for me and other bloggers to read thank you.

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