My top 5 face products (makeup)

Hey everyone,

If I don't have a lot of time to get ready then I won't do a full face of makeup, but still enough to cover up blemishes, scarring and make me look presentable.

Due to oily skin I will try anything that will keep my makeup in place and stop the oil from creeping through. I have talked about this so much on my blog...I'm sorry if it's getting annoying but I really do love it.

Of course I am going to be putting foundation on I like to go for a full coverage one as I have a lot of scarring and need the security that my skin will look a little clearer.

I am a sufferer of the dreaded dark circles under the eyes, except mine to down to my cheeks so it is a must that I use this to try and not look so dead or that I have given myself panda eyes.

I don't get the whole dewy look because I have oily skin I worry that when the oil comes through with a dewy look I will look like a grease ball, therefor I will always stick to a matt base and powder is my best friend!!

In the shade 'sugar'

I like to give myself a little bit of a flushed look to make myself look healthy and that I am ready to face the day ahead. Also I prefer my smile when I have blush on...does anyone else feel this?

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