It's time to share the love

Hey everyone,

There are some incredible people within the blogging community and I love the fact they this community is helpful and caring towards other bloggers.

I enjoy interacting with other bloggers (although not as much as I would like to) through comments, twitter, chats and instagram.
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite bloggers I look forward to reading new posts from and following on twitter.

First of my favourite is Kirstie from @KirstieLouiseS and www.ayellowbrickblog.com I love pretty much every post she puts up and I find her to be so inspiring to me and gives me lots of ideas for posts. Kirstie also has a fab YouTube channel

Next Lauren from @beautyxdivision and www.beautydivisionblog.co.uk. Lauren is so sweet and I have had a few chats with her over twitter and she seems so down-to-Earth and kind.

A fellow blogger from Bournemouth is the lovely Brogan from @brogantatexo and www.brogantatexo.co.uk. Brogan was one of the bloggers that inspired me to start blogging. She is so down to Earth and comes across as a sweetheart. Brogan has also got a YouTube channel and I love Mondays for the weekly vlog.

A popular one now is Mikhila at @msbudgetbeauty and missbudgetbeauty.co.uk.
Mikhila also has several YouTube channels one for low end budget friendly products, and a separate one for high end. Of course I am subbed to both! 

Finally there is Abbie at @kittnsintophats and kittensintophats.blogspot.co.uk. Abbie is lovely and always has a good mixture of posts and her blog is just so cute I love the design.

I hope some of you go and have a look at these beauties...you won't be disappointed :D

Thanks for popping by


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit and commenting. I hope you enjoy their blog as much as I do :) x