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Hey everyone,

I haven't brought make up in so long because all my spare money goes on baby clothes - I seriously need help!! However I have put a little money aside to treat myself to either a few bit of make up or some clothes. Lets see what make up has caught my eye recently....


1. Soap and glory sexy mother pucker
I've heard a lot about this product from soap and glory and the colour looks perfect for everyday use. I don't tend to use lip gloss as I find them too sticky and found that my hair gets stuck on I. However this is glossy but not sticky making it a perfect alternative.

2. Younique pressed powder foundation
The powder looks like it compliments the BB cream and insuring it staying in place all day, I would do anything to have clear skin!!

3. Soap and glory hocus pocus
I'm starting to appreciate the term 'glowing' skin. As I suffer from oily skin; I find anything that says illuminating or dewy scary as this could make me look a utter mess within a few hours. Although watching videos of other people in the same boat as me don't seem to always have this problem....I'm going to try and embrace the 'dewy' look.

4. Younique BB cream
Two of my sister-in-laws have recently joined Younique (as well as me) and one of them has made a few videos showing the makeup being applied. I was amazed at how this covered up her ache and scarring. it was that video that made me join!!

5. Rimmel Kate's nude collection lipstick
Again this is something else I want to embrace - the nude lipstick. I have always stayed clear of them for fear of looking dead and not being able to find the perfect shade. This collection comes with lots of different colours and I do enjoy the Kate Moss lipsticks so I have high hopes for these!

6. Estee Lauder double wear foundation
Everyone has a high end foundation they really want to try, and this is mine. It's high coverage so this may be able to cover all my horrid scars, and it suppose to last all day which is an added bonus for me.

Have you tried any of these products?

Thanks for popping by

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