August empties

Hey everyone,

Sorry for this post being a little late, my post next week will explain why ;)

There isn't much this month but I thought I would still do a post as I do these every month....

Nivea calm and care deodorant
I used to always use Nivea or Dove, however since finishing this one I have tried the Mitchum powder fresh roll on. This is a little more expensive - more then I would normally pay - however you get double the amount of product in the Nivea one and I can smell the powder smell through out the day. This is great for the last few days we have of the sunshine and makes me feel more confident. I'm hoping this is conditioning for after shaving.

Asda protect shave gel in berry blast
I don't really care for shaving gel to be honest,I have tried using conditioner but it doesn't work for me. This one was only £1-£1.50 which is cheaper then the leading brand, I feel that this is just as good at getting a close shave and conditioning my legs. I properly won't be buying the more expensive brand unless it's on a good offer as there is no point when they do the same job.

Mum and me sleep tight baby bath
I was given this as part of a gift at my baby however and to be honest I wasn't that impressed with this, I believe I got 2 baths for my little girl out of this which I guess is a good trial size. Thankfully she didn't react to it but we are quite happy using asda's own brand which is only £1 for a large bottle so I won't be buying this.

John Frieda beach blonde smooth seas detangling conditioner
Wow ok that is one long name!
Can I start off by saying I love the smell of this, it's so minty and fresh but not an artificial smell but like I went into my parents garden and picked some of their mint leaves. This conditioner is not too thick or too runny it's just perfect. I left my hair feeling soft and didn't weight my hair down. I have done a review here.

What have you been using lately?

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