A LITTLE haul from Paris

Hey everyone,

So I have recently been on my honeymoon this month to Paris and it was absolutely amazing, I may do my next post on what I got up to for a change. 

As me and the hubby wanted to do a lot of sight seeing we didn't budget much for buying goodies so this is only a small haul but I'm still super excited to try them.

So the first place I went to treat myself was of course Sephora and although it was only a small shop I was so overwhelmed and didn't want to spend too much which I could of easily of done!

Steve thought it would be a nice idea to get something special to remember our honeymoon so we decided on a perfume. I spoke to a lovely lady there who let me try at least 10 perfumes before deciding on YSL black Opium which is a heavy scent more for the evenings which is perfect for special occasions. It was interesting smelling of the perfumes because I learnt that I prefer an oriental scent.

On our last night there we found a monoplex near our hotel that had a great pharmacy in there (there was loads of makeup too but I didn't see that until I left :( )
I thought I would pick up a few skincare items I have been wanting to try or that I wanted to repurchase (I wish I had more money at the time!!!)

La roche-posay serozinc
This is a spray toner to help cleanse oily skin and can be used to help razor burn, nappy rash and skin irritations
Bioderma micelle water
This is the famous bioderma to help cleanse and remove makeup. I picked up the one for oily skin. I already have a small one like this which is perfect for travel but thought I would pick up another one as they are so cheap there.
Vichy 3in1 wash, scrub and mask
It has been a long time since I tried anything from Vichy and it was only a toner so I thought I would pick something up and I think I will be able o get a lot of use out of this. I have a similar 2in1 product by Neutrogena which is a wash and mask and I like it for the mask, I don't know how many of them I have been though.
I have high hopes for this.
Avene eye makeup remover
I have a confession to make...I thought this was the cleansing gel!! Even though it clearly says les yeux (eyes) which I knew. Oh well I will need another one when my body shop one runs out.

I will let you know how I get n with these once I have tried them.

Have you tried any French skincare? What was your favourite?

Thanks for popping by

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