Blog post ideas

Hey everyone,

If you are like me then recently then  you are struggling to think of what to write about. I thought I would give you a few ideas to help you out of your slum.

  • whats in my bag
  • top 5....perfumes / lipsticks / eye shadows
  • favourite products from a brand
  • hauls
  • reviews
  • recipes
  • whats on my face
  • how much my face is worth
  • my favourite... youtubers / bloggers / shops/ blushes
  • my skin care routine (morning and night)
  • hair care routine / what hair products I use
  • outfit on the day/week
  • pet peeves
  • top excises for...arms / legs/ abs
  • essentials for...packing/Christmas/a night out/ on the go
  • what makes me happy/annoyed/sad
  • my hair history
  • wishlists 
  • pamper night
  • starter kit
  • whats in my...makeup bag / wash bag
  • empties
  • my week in pics
  • about my travels
  • iphone apps I use
  • my excise routine
  • what I pack / whats in my sitcase
  • my current favorites
  • share the love
  • what I ate in a day
  • tags
  • children / baby / mummy update
  • hair/makeup inspiration 
  • what have I been up to
  • makeup looks
  • hairstyles
  • my everyday makeup
  • gift ideas
  • how to...messy bun/wash makeup brushes/contour

That's all I can think of for the time being , I hope this can help you out of your slum or inspire you to try new ideas. I know I will be coming back to this list when I need help.

If you have any more ideas then please share them in the comments so others can see them too :)

Thanks for popping by


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