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Hey everyone,

Is it too early to do a Christmas post?

It's that time of year where the heating goes on, boots come out from hiding and we start to think about what's to come...Halloween, bonfire night and of course CHRISTMAS!!

When the nights are longer and all you want to do is snuggle up and stay warm I love a good hot bath with my best friend LUSH, I like to stock up now before everything has gone and all the limited addiction items are out.

1. One of my all time favourites and I always make sure I stock up every year. It's small but mighty and smells heavenly of cinnamon (how festive) that gives it a warming feeling when using it. For a little fun they add popping candy to the top! The only down fall for this is the colour, it makes it look like you peed in the bath. £2.95 each

2. I have yet to try this one but I have heard so much about it and I know Brogan from www.brogantatexo.co.uk/ loves this stuff so I am keen to try it this year. £4.95 for 100ml

3. A classic for the festive time, I feel everyone gets this when the collection comes out. This has a very strong sweet smell the main one being vanilla, it creates lots of bubbles and turns the water pink!! When this you can break it off into small pieces so you can get more baths out of it. This is a steal for only £2.95 each DO NOT EAT!!

4. I remember getting this last year but I can't remember what I thought of it haha! I am going to have to give this one another go this year. This one has a lovely fruity scent with orange being the main one so I am looking forward to trying it again. £2.95 each

5. Another one I get every year, I normally only get the smallest bottle as the scent can get a little sickly after a while; I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of the best selling items at Christmas. This lavers up really well and leaves me smelling sweet for a few hours after use. £3.95 for 100ml

6. I remember this one from last year but I didn't try it. What drew me towards this was the fact it is suppose to smell like strawberries and it has cocoa butter. As this is a bubble bar it will create soft bubbles and silky water. £3.95 each

7. I found this one last year and I wish I had had it sooner this is so Christmassy to me. It may not look like much but it smells delicious. This is apple scented with rose to help relax you after a long day of Christmas shopping. If it is the same as last year, then you can break this one up as it's huge. This then makes it another still at £3.65 each

There were others I wanted to include like...star dust...bar humbug...snowman...butterbear...luxury lush pud...shoot for the stars...father Christmas. So pretty much everything for a bath.

You can find all these lush goodies here. If any of these take your fancy be sure to ask for one of the gift sets they are great at trying different things (sometimes ones you wouldn't pick up!)

So what's everybody's favourite lush product?

Thank you popping by :)


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